Hey! My name is Lisa and I'm a 16 year old girl from Germany. I love to play video games, read, watch TV-Shows and well, being on the internet!

Weird affinity for Christmas music, the color orange, boys with dark hair, YA books, The Sims 3, cookies and the name Rachel!
Or maybe not.

Part 2 of mayberachel’s Follower Gifts!

Attack! Shirts

I loved this outfit from University and really wanted the top as a separate piece. And then I thought “Hey, some cool stencils or textures would go awesomely with it” and then I made these 3 versions of the top. The ones with the stencils both include a plain version that can be used just as a plain shirt :) 
They all 3 have a lace part on the back which is the second recolorable piece of the shirt and the whole shirt as once is recolorable too. The stencils can’t be recolored. 

Mesh by me 
You can use it if you want, but only if you link it back to me. 

 Casual Version: Package || Sims3pack

 Gothic Version: Package || Sims3pack

 Lace Version:   Package || Sims3pack

hey’re enabled for Everyday, Sleep and Athletic.
You can have them all at the same time, they don’t conflict with each other. 

Have fun! 

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