Hey! My name is Lisa and I'm a 16 year old girl from Germany. I love to play video games, read, watch TV-Shows and well, being on the internet!

Weird affinity for Christmas music, the color orange, boys with dark hair, YA books, The Sims 3, cookies and the name Rachel!
Or maybe not.

Here they finally are! 
But first. I couldn’t make the bows work. I tried a lot of things so I hope it’s alright to just have the stockings.
I saw these stockings floating around my dash and people asked them to be converted as accessory stockings for teen to Adults and I thought ‘Why not?’ and made them into accessory stockings. I wish I could have made the cute bows work, really. If anyone can, please feel free to do so!

They are basegame compatible and work from Teen through Elder. 


Package || Sims3Pack

Have fun :)

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